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I will be posting more consistently on my FB page (mostly wip and announcements and blog links), thanks for the support as always!
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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that mini-Munny commissions are OPEN! Send me a note if you are interested :)
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Finally got a chance to blog here on dA! Thank you everyone who came by and left comments on my artwork as well as favorite'd my cosplays and my custom mini-Munnies, I really appreciate it and will respond to everyone's comments soon!!!!

Have just been working on cosplay non-stop with some breaks here and there to watch Breaking Bad and Batman Beyond... and when I'm not watching those I've been playing League of Legends or ME3 multiplayer w/ my friends.

I'm currently finishing up my Lady Leng (female Kai Leng) cosplay for PAX Prime, and working on the Huntress for LBCC and vampire Jubilee for Comikaze!

I'm also really excited to be working on a steampunk version of a superheroine :D It'll be fun to add my own design input into an established design and the lovely reference art I found. Hopefully I can finish that by PMX as long as I keep up my beast mode!
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I am going! Last minute decision but will also be cosplaying w/ my sister, very, very excited because it'll be her first foray into cosplay!!! I'll be cosplaying as Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica. I haven't started sewing anything so I should probably get on it this week!! I had way too much fun as Kagura on the Crunchyroll live show and now I just want to bum for a week but... that would probably not be a good idea.
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WonderCon will be the next con I will be cosplaying at, so I'm going to work on some more comic book-related costumes soon! I finished my Mystique (white dress) and my boyfriend's Nightcrawler costume for Halloween but haven't posted photos yet. I have an idea of what I'll be working on for WonderCon and I'll post it here :)

Thanks for all the kind words and favorites, I really appreciate it :)
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Uploaded the preview for my next Alice: Madness Returns cosplay, her Tales of the Orient dress! Thanks for all the positive feedback on Late But Lucky, I really appreciate it!!!!!!

I will be debuting this cosplay at PMX in November.

And now I have to work on my Halloween costumes!!!
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Thanks for all the feedback and support on my Alice: Madness Returns costume :D! I really appreciate it considering I only had a month to finish it T_T... starting on Halloween costumes for me + my bf this week, also starting some Fanime costumes super early! And of course I will be making another Alice costume :)
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To all of you for your support... I don't have too much time to devote to cosplay but your kind words and +faves mean a lot to me :) Here's to hoping I finish my next cosplay challenge for PAX!
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Who is going?!?!!!!? Working on a new cosplay! It never endssssss
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I am never procrastinating again. Guess I'll dig out last year's Xianghua costume for FanimeCon. Sad.
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As if I didn't have enough on my plate, I'm going to be starting a new illustration project (so that means no mixtape for June). I'll only be wearing Zephie to FanimeCon. Speaking of a new illustration project I need to go out and buy COPIC refills. Geh. So much monies.
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Poop. Sorry I have been gone forever. Super busy with work, traveling and freelance projects that I cannot unfortunately post to the public so it is like I am not doing anything at all T_T. Fanimecon is coming up so I will be debuting 2 cosplays - Zephie (Magna Carta 2) and Dead Master (BR*S) so come say hi to me if I see you! And if you are cosplaying as BR*S be forewarned I shall leap out and-- just kidding, I'm not a freak like that. Er..

I have been busy tooling around with music these days and making mixtapes, lol. (Creative-ADD, I tell you) If you're curious you can go to my soundcloud page here --

Otherwise I shall get back to hustling with those cosplays and thanks everyone for all the support!!!!!!

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Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my Xianghua cosplay! Looks like I still have very much work ahead of me, as I'm wrapping up the final details on my Zephie cosplay... hopefully I will debut that the 1st week of August!

I will not be going to Otakon this year, but the next convention might be PMX...

I am so glad I can always come to dA to become re-inspired by everyone's amazing cosplays *_*
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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 2:23 PM
Wow, you guys, 3 months later I have finally finished the Xianghua costume. It won't debut until early July though.

For the past few months all I've shown you are teasers, I myself haven't even thrown on the outfit from head-to-toe!

On another note, you see that I have started a new project, Everyday GaGa, that threatens to suck the last ounce of any socializing in my life, but I am thoroughly enjoying...

Here's the link, it's me in the GaGa costume I made, doing seemingly ordinary things...

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Ahhh so the Xianghua costume is finally almost done. As you can see I already started uploading photos of the accessories.

This weekend is Coachella for me, so I probably won't be updating the blog then. I guess I'll spend the entire weekend brainstorming the Zephie cosplay.

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog! Please share your lovely cosplays and costumes with me!!
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I have pretty much cut all the pieces for my costume now, and getting ready to airbrush all the edges. Last weekend I went down to my parents' house for some help in making the sword.... I have to finish by April!!
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Costume making commences! Starting with Xianghua, Player 1 option from Soul Calibur IV...…
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I've been working w/ latex quite a bit lately, trying to get the hang of gluing (instead of sewing) the seams in preparation for some costumes I'm planning.

So far, I must say that working w/ latex is very difficult! Newfound respect for latex couturiers and artists... did you know that the latex edges curl like mad upon application of the glue? Maybe only because my latex was very thin.
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I think I am addicted to making costumes and things I could never wear on a regular basis.
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